Mobile Apps for Restaurants a spotlighted on “Informed”, with host Rob Lowe


Mobile apps for Restaurants will be the focus of an upcoming episode of “Informed” hosted by Rob Lowe. Experts in application development and the restaurant industry will provide insights as to how apps have affected restaurant success and shaped the future of personal device applications.

In recent years, the use of personal devices like cell phones, tablets and smart watches has increased significantly, bringing people from all walks of life into the “Internet of Things.” With this has come an increased wave of available applications, including loyalty and discount programs from various cafes and restaurants. Cell phone apps for restaurant businesses like Starbucks and McDonald’s now provide customers with opportunities to receive special discount offers and even pay from their mobile device. In addition to restaurant-specific apps, restaurant-finding apps like UrbanSpoon and OpenTable have assisted mobile users in finding local restaurants and making reservations from the convenience of their device.

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