Advanced Custom Woodworking is featured on “Informed”, hosted by Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe, a popular and internationally renowned actor, lends his influence and fame as the host of the educative television series “Informed.” “Informed” series is designed to cover a variety of topics that feature changes in industry and society. In the latest segment of the program, the host will focus on advanced custom woodworking.

Today, it is possible for clients to request wooden furniture that is designed and built to match their unique needs. Advanced custom woodworking achieves this by ensuring that cabinets and shelves are built to your exact measurements and specifications. This not only helps to ensure that the furniture is functional but also goes a long way in enhancing the appearance of your space. There are many advanced custom woodworking techniques, each of which is suitable for specific projects. Advanced custom woodworking is available for both commercial and residential property owners. Whenever you are looking for a company for millwork, crown molding installation or to design and install your custom cabinetry and shelving, you should settle for one with the requisite experience. An experienced company will offer you quality products that feature a fresh and innovative approach.

Every single episode of the “Informed” television series is produced to meet the high standards of the industry before it is distributed to public television stations. Rob Lowe, the talented host of the series, works with a group of experienced writers, videographers, and producers to form an award-winning team. This ensures that both the audio and visual contents of each episode are of the highest quality.

Overfishing and its consequences are highlighted on “Informed” with Rob Lowe

In the TV series known as “Informed,” celebrated and popular actor Rob Lowe, uses his fame and influence to discuss and educate the public on important issues facing the modern society. In the latest episode of “Informed,” Rob discusses overfishing and highlights its consequences.

One of the most obvious consequences of overfishing is that there will be no more fish for humans after a given period. However, the consequences go beyond the lack of fish for man. Studies show that unsustainable fishing practices have the ability to destroy the marine ecosystem and distort the entire food chain in the waters. When the number of fish in the oceans reduces, fisheries will face closures, a factor that will result in loss of livelihoods for a significant number of people who depend on the business. Marine ecologists say that when there is constant fishing of a particular species, the species is likely to become extinct. Lastly, with big companies using large fisheries that stay for months in deep seas, the oil spills and discharge of chemicals and solid elements eventually result in pollution.

This episode of “Informed” was produced for distribution to public television around the US. Before the content is distributed for consumption by the public, the program is recorded using high definition technology that makes it possible to meet the high standards of the industry. Rob Lowe contributes his talent and works with prolific writers, experienced videographers, and the best producers who make an award-winning team.

“Informed”, featuring host Rob Lowe, will develop a new segment on Art Festivals

“Informed”, featuring host Rob Lowe, will develop a new segment on Art Festivals

Do not ever underestimate the importance of art in your life. Today’s society has minimized art to the point where it is being taken out of the classroom, away from our youth and almost entirely out of the public eye. That is why the public access television show, “Informed With Rob Lowe” has endeavored to bring art back into the spotlight by featuring a segment on renowned art festivals in an upcoming episode. Like the place of art itself in your heart, public television is around to bring high culture to the masses free of charge. Access to your artistic side and to public access television is at absolutely no cost to you. It is a gift. Do yourself a favor and tune in to your eclectic side. You may find a new art genre that you have never heard of. You may see something that propels you to tap into a different part of yourself. It is never too late to discover another palate for expression. After viewing the episode you might decide to travel to one of the art festivals to gain an in-person appreciation for a piece of artistic expression.

Rob Lowe hosts this series in order to give the lay person an opportunity to become more well-rounded on a variety of topics. “Informed With Rob Lowe” is a modern day source for a wealth of information from the everyday to the sublime.

Business Education the topic of an “Informed” episode with Rob Lowe

Business Education the topic of an “Informed” episode with Rob Lowe

The field of business is one which that most Americans will deal with every day of their lives. People buy things each day. Many people also work in the field of commerce directly, supplying things that people need like food and basic consumer services. Making sure that all those involved in this field in some way are fully educated is an important societal task Those who are going to provide leadership skills to employees, consumers, and suppliers must be given the modern tools they need to make sure that all business people act ethically and appropriately at all times. The field of business education is the subject of a new episode of “Informed” with Rob Lowe.

Creating Educated Leaders

Many contemporary institutions of higher learning offer both business undergraduate degrees and master’s degrees in this subject. Creating a curriculum that allows students to gain an understanding of the challenges facing potential business owners and business leaders is one that many business leaders strive to do in their classrooms each day. Today’s business educators must craft lessons that allow their students to understand their rights and responsibilities after the leave school. Efforts are underway today to help create necessary reforms that will ideally bring businesses into the next decades. Business educators know they must help students understand local, national and global forms of commerce in order to become fully rounded business leaders.

Mobile Apps for Restaurants a spotlighted on “Informed”, with host Rob Lowe


Mobile apps for Restaurants will be the focus of an upcoming episode of “Informed” hosted by Rob Lowe. Experts in application development and the restaurant industry will provide insights as to how apps have affected restaurant success and shaped the future of personal device applications.

In recent years, the use of personal devices like cell phones, tablets and smart watches has increased significantly, bringing people from all walks of life into the “Internet of Things.” With this has come an increased wave of available applications, including loyalty and discount programs from various cafes and restaurants. Cell phone apps for restaurant businesses like Starbucks and McDonald’s now provide customers with opportunities to receive special discount offers and even pay from their mobile device. In addition to restaurant-specific apps, restaurant-finding apps like UrbanSpoon and OpenTable have assisted mobile users in finding local restaurants and making reservations from the convenience of their device.

“Informed” is a public television program that is not affiliated with PBS. Featuring host Rob Lowe and a team of award-winning writers, directors and producers, “Informed” is a regular series that highlights a variety of topics for public viewing in an HD format. To determine when this segment will be aired in your area, check your local television listings.