Herbal Remedies for Menopause

Back from California, the production crew for “Informed” will begin editing this week for an educational spot featuring herbal remedies for menopause, and why many women are opting for plants over pharmaceuticals to reduce both hot flashes and depression. Emmy Award Winner, Rob Lowe, will host the segment and it will be distributed to PBS member stations across the country upon completion.

How Art Curators Ensure Preservation

Be sure to catch the latest visual treat of “Informed” featuring Greek and Roman mythology and how art curators have worked to ensure the preservation of this important part of history. The segment will be hosted by Emmy Award Winner, Rob Lowe, and will be distributed to Public Television stations nationwide later this month.

Kite Boarding Boosts Physical and Mental Health

For many, kite boarding isn’t just a hobby; it’s a lifestyle. It is not only proven to boost both your physical and mental health, it’s a lot of fun, too! The latest segment of “Informed” will feature some of the best kite boarding manufacturers in the world and will discuss the mechanics behind the engineering of the kite, board, bars, harnesses and more. Hosted by Rob Lowe, this segment will debut this month.

Software Programs Increase Human Resources Productivity

See how companies are working smarter in the latest “Informed” segment hosted by Rob Lowe. When it comes to managing a Human Resources department there are many elements that come into play such as payroll, health insurance and more and the more a company grows the more overloaded the HR department can become. However, innovative software programs have allowed Human Resources to increase productivity and efficiency, opening the doors for increased growth in businesses and companies. Curious about how they are pulling this off? The segment will be distributed to Public Television stations across America early in the Spring.

What is Blepharoplasty?

While face lifts are typically viewed as a cosmetic procedure, for a large percentage of patients they can be life improving as well. Blepharoplasty, or an eye lift, helps many people who live with ptosis, or drooping eyelids. Patients living with ptosis often struggle with vision and have difficulty keeping their eyes open due to the weight of the skin. Thankfully, there are remedies to this condition and they will be featured on the newest “Informed” segment with their host, Rob Lowe.