Overfishing and its consequences are highlighted on “Informed” with Rob Lowe

In the TV series known as “Informed,” celebrated and popular actor Rob Lowe, uses his fame and influence to discuss and educate the public on important issues facing the modern society. In the latest episode of “Informed,” Rob discusses overfishing and highlights its consequences.

One of the most obvious consequences of overfishing is that there will be no more fish for humans after a given period. However, the consequences go beyond the lack of fish for man. Studies show that unsustainable fishing practices have the ability to destroy the marine ecosystem and distort the entire food chain in the waters. When the number of fish in the oceans reduces, fisheries will face closures, a factor that will result in loss of livelihoods for a significant number of people who depend on the business. Marine ecologists say that when there is constant fishing of a particular species, the species is likely to become extinct. Lastly, with big companies using large fisheries that stay for months in deep seas, the oil spills and discharge of chemicals and solid elements eventually result in pollution.

This episode of “Informed” was produced for distribution to public television around the US. Before the content is distributed for consumption by the public, the program is recorded using high definition technology that makes it possible to meet the high standards of the industry. Rob Lowe contributes his talent and works with prolific writers, experienced videographers, and the best producers who make an award-winning team.